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Since the early 2000's Boston Chuck has been working in the music industry promoting, networking, filming and photographing bands in the metal and hardcore music scene. Basically, he did anything and everything that he could do. In 2003, a friend and Boston Chuck started a media company that specialized in live music and total coverage of your favorite bands. If there was a concert, he was there! Over the next few years, he concentrated on becoming a better photographer. But creative differences led him to a big decision in 2011. He left the company and the New England area and started on a new adventure.

The next few years Boston Chuck spent  his time traveling, working on his craft and studying the work of  Joe Giron, Gregory Crewdson, Linda McCartney, and Philippe Halsman, which helped him find and develop his own unique style of photography. So when he stopped in Atlanta GA, in 2013 he knew this was the perfect place for him to call home and create his art. Then in 2015 he started working with now his work could reach a larger audience. In 2016 he thought he would try something new and he started work with Spooky Empire's Creator's Track giving him the chance to work with  authors, artists, film makers and other creators in the horror community.  But when the pandemic hit in 2020  Boston Chuck had to put a pause on photography and doing the Creator's Track so he focused on doing something new and becoming a Twitch variety streamer that focused on a mixture of video games, heavy music, pop culture, movies,  and Trash talking. In 2022 Boston Chuck also launched his own clothing line.


Boston Chuck's work has been published in Ghost Cult Magazine,,, and more.

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